JÉRÉMIE & ALE in the workshop

EA! Alforjas was born in 2010 following the shocking growth of the use of the bicycle and of the need of the recent cycling society to carry what it takes for its daily needs.

Our purpose is to offer you practical and durable accessories that fit the needs of today and always, with classic and exclusive designs.


We always strive to choose materials of first quality when designing our pieces and when producing them. All the leather we use is top quality and comes from a family’s tannery with many years of experience.

It‘s in our small craft workshop that every step is made that transforms a sheet of leather into a bag. The production of a model is made in small quantities and with special care in each piece. We always try to have in existence the whole of our catalogue, but the handmade process has its rhythm and its times, which we respect and enjoy. This way, you can achieve an excellent level of detail and have the certainty of offering a high quality product.

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